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Plastisol Inks for Sportswear
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are competitive edge plastisol inks.
The high pigment load delivers maximum coverage on dark garments, eliminating the need for under basing.
They come in bright ready-too-use team related colours. Smooth, creamy, with even consistency that prints beautifully on automatic and manual printers.
Suitable for printing on a variety of substrates including 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, non woven polypropylene, and some polyesters.
It features Flexcure™ allows flexible curing from 275°F / 135°/C to the standard 325°F / 163°C.
The CoolTech™ chemistry it uses adds strength, elongation and elasticity to the ink.


Dry Silcone Lubricant

Long Lasting

Does Not Attract Dust and Dirt

Guaranteed Not to Stain Fabrics

Prevents Friction and Heat Build Ups

Quick & Simple To Use

The perfect FIX pin holes. Green for Plastisol, Blue for Waterbase & Red for Solvent

Screen Cleaner - Plastisol

very effective