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Change the Way you Screen Print

  No air compressor or chiller needed

  Without pneumatic maintenance

  Fast setups & precise printing

Pacific Coast Screen Printing Industry News

the all-electric ANATOL VOLT eases the way you work

Anatol Volt Automated Servo Screen Printing Press

• Servo-electric motors ensure consistent, reliable printing
without the maintenance issues of pneumatic components.

Heavy duty rolled steel construction supports high speed,
high volume production and eliminates vibration.

• Intuitive touch screen controls give you maximum control
over all job parameters for fast setups and precise printing.

• No air compressor or chiller required for operation means
you can print more quietly and efficiently.

Ultimate energy efficiency, run a “greener” shop and reduce operating costs.

Simple to learn and maintain, get up to speed quickly.

Whisper-quiet operation, hold a conversation or listen to music while printing.

Superior precision, consistency and print quality.

high speed screen printing automation output