Velocity White


This non phthalate Velocity White is a press ready low-cure plasitsol white for printing on 100% polyester and poly-blend fabrics that features great dye-migration resistance.

  • Excellent low-bleed qualities fir printing on 100% polyester fabrics.
  • Smooth athletic surface – great stretch,
  • Can be printed on top or as an underlay.
  • Non-phthalate plastisol ink.
  • Great for high speed production printing.
  • Low-cure formulation.
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  • Container: Gallon
  • Recommended fabrics: 100% polyester, 50/50 poly blend (note 100% cotton may result in ghost image if low bleed inks used) Do not iron printed image area, bleech or dry clean.
  • Fabric colours: light, medium, dark
  • Flash temperature: 155-160 F° (68.3-71.1 C°)
  • Cure temperature: 270-280 F° (132-138 C°)
  • Wet tach: Medium
  • Post flash tach: Low
  • Surface (feel): Satin
  • Opacity/Viscosity: High/Medium-High
  • Bleed resistance: High
  • Squeegee hardness: Triple (medium-hard)
  • Squeegee edge: sharp
  • Squeegee angle: 10°
  • Squeegee stroke: Flood – medium hard
  • Emulsion: capillary film/dir emulsion (ITX Emulsion)
  • Mesh count: 89-160 mc in (34-94 t/cm)
  • Underlay: Velocity Blocker Grey can be used for poorly dyed and difficult fabrics or when extremem heat above specified range likely
  • Thickner: N/A
  • Storage: 60-95 F° (18-32 C°) avoiding direct sunlight and as usual stir befor use
  • Clean up: SC-21/25 or SC-5050S