Ranar XPO Exposure


The Xpo 2331 large silk screen image exposure unit uses 10 unfiltered LEDs withcool U.V. light strips that never dim or require time adjustment with age to make stencils.  The expo-series fluorescent exposure system works with a balanced UV light distribution to expose fine lines and halftone dot patterns in a snap. The fast acting vacuum motor extracts the air between the neoprene blanket and glass to promote the best positive contact of the film and screen mesh for the finest exposure.

– Cool LED lights

– Instant Start Exposure lights no down time between exposures

– High Intensity LED light strips 400 nanometers of UV. light

– Energy efficient reduce operating costs

– Long life 50k Hours reduce matainance costs

– Optimized UV. light for screen printing emulsions & Films

– Reduced Exposure Times with high resolution and uniformity

– Safety Switch so the UV. Light will not come on when vacuum frame is open

– Amber Viewing lights emulsion safe to position screens and film positives

– Digital timer with accurate presets and programmable exposure times

– Manual / Automatic Independent switches for the vacuum and exposure lights

– Vacuum Hold Down Instant draw down vacuum motor

– Vacuum Frame Heavy duty steel frame

– Gas Shock easy lifting of the vacuum frame

– Vacuum Blanket neoprene rubber with fabric reinforced which absorbs light

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Max exposure area: 23″ x 31″
Max Screen Frame:  24″ x 31″
Dimensions:  48″x32″x35″
Black Light Fluorescent Bulbs : 10-20 Watt
Vacuum CFM: 102
Power 120/220 at 11/6 amps
Weight: 275 lbs